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At Niagara Denture Clinic, we instil confidence in your smile by providing full dentures, immediate dentures, soft liners and more. Contact us today for a consultation.

Niagara Denture Clinic

Niagara Denture Clinic is a certified BPS® denture centre, committed to providing patients in the Niagara Falls area with well-fitted dentures. We offer new complete and partial dentures and implant supported overdentures, as well as same-day denture relines and repairs. Contact us to schedule your complimentary consultation.

Creating Natural Smiles

Since 1999 Niagara Denture Clinic has been helping thousands of Niagara area residents achieve natural looking smiles with the confidence to show them off.

Shawn Battell and his wife Anne, both licensed denturists, bring a wealth of skill and experience to the warm and friendly atmosphere at their 5501 Drummond Road location. This family run practice has always taken pride in providing superior care and service to their patients and has continued to grow with the needs of the community. Over the years they have tried hard to improve with better services to their clients by acquiring advanced skills, materials and equipment. In 2002 Anne and Shawn completely renovated the interior of their practice. In 2008, they were pleased to update the exterior of their office. 2009 brought the addition of Niagara Hearing Solutions, providing hearing aids sales and services for all brands.

Creating high-quality, well-fitting dentures is a very challenging process. Over the last 30 years advances have been made to improve the quality of dentures, which Niagara Denture Clinic has incorporated into their practice. The on-site denture laboratory at Niagara Denture Clinic allows Shawn and Anne to pay close attention to every detail while making and fitting premium dentures and enables a more efficient process at a more reasonable price for their patients.

Partial dentures can be fabricated using a number of different materials such as the nearly invisible Valplast or the incredibly strong and lightweight titanium casting.

What is important to the denturists at Niagara Denture Clinic is that the patient is given treatment options and is involved in the process to better meet their needs. Clients requiring full dentures also have options to choose from that include: the advanced Biofunctional Prosthetic System (BPS) and implant-supported dentures. Relines and denture repair services are also available and can be completed the same day.

Dentures and Nutrition

Schedule a consultation today to find out more. Shawn and Anne always keep the overall health of their patients in mind when providing oral health care. A well-made denture will give the wearer the ability to chew better and to eat more nutritious foods such as: fruits, nuts, meat, and hard vegetables. Dentures should not normally be worn for more than five years without being refitted or replaced because fit and tooth function may be compromised. Dentures should not cause continual irritation or soreness but should fit comfortably without the need for adhesive. To avoid denture-related problems have your dentures assessed during annual recall examinations.

Complimentary Consultation

At Niagara Denture Clinic, a complimentary consultation is offered where the patient meets with Shawn and Anne so treatment needs and options can be assessed and discussed. New patients are always welcome and no referral is ever necessary.

Simply call 905-353-1552 to book an appointment for a convenient time during the office hours:
Monday to Thursday 9:00am-5:00pm or on Friday Mornings.

Whatever your denture care needs, you’ll get the quality you expect from Niagara Denture Clinic.

Thank You to Our Clients

“Thank you to our loyal clients for making it possible. Most of you will have noticed changes made both outside and inside our clinic. Welcoming you at our front desk you will find Kim Zelichowski who has been with us a number of years now and Tara Gray who started with us as a co-op student. Tara has continued on with us full-time in the office completing tasks both in the lab and at reception and in the Hearing Clinic. As many of you know, Kim Akey has moved into the lab where we can fully utilize her skills as a technician. All the girls have been indispensable in their positions and are doing a great job as we continue to grow.”.

Interest in implant dentistry is growing. The all-on-4 permanent teeth in a day concept has been developed for clients who require or want permanent, non-removable teeth placed in just one day.

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